Network marketing is a challenging profession. Jim Rohn described network marketing as “herding cats.” The real challenge is becoming the leader you were created to be. As a network marketer, I was taught how to build a business the wrong way. And you were probably taught the wrong things too.

Think about it for a minute. When I was a full-time real estate investor I purchased real estate by non-traditional methods. Meaning I had to be creative. To be creative you have to develop a relationship with the person that was going to invest their money in you. That person will invest in you if they liked and trusted you. Of course your credit played a role, but if you had great credit but were not credible, you didn’t get the money.


Network marketing is no different. You must gain the trust and be liked by the people you do business. It’s that simple. Somehow that message was lost. As a result, frustration sets in and many people quit and give the network marketing profession a black eye. I don’t blame the disgruntled former network marketers. I place blame in the industry and many of the “gurus” that tell you to recruit your friends, family and everyone you come in contact (the 3-foot rule). As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that been working out?”

If you are new or have been a network marketer for a few years and you are struggling, you must understand that your lack of success is not your fault. 


After six companies and years of trial and error, I came across this powerful information that changed everything for me. It was that simple. 

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How Do You Stop The Negative Chatter In Your Brain?

First, you learn to train yourself to turn off that external negativity. That bit of negative programming you run into everywhere can bring you down for days and make you doubt yourself. You’ve got to stop that from happening.

Next, you learn to re-program your brain with positive self-talk. For instance, here is what I use:

“I am having fun, building the largest, most profitable, highest-retention organization ever built in the history of network marketing, easily and consistently through education and teamwork.”

That’s my self-talk. When I’m out riding my bike or enjoying my morning power walk, that’s what I’m saying to myself. Anytime I’m driving somewhere, that is my self-talk.

When I first started using this particular self-talk, I probably said it 100-200 times a day. Now, the whole 27-word phrase is just a subconscious thing, repeating in my mind, over and over and over. It blocks out all the other chatter.

And the reason that’s so powerful is, when you stop the chatter, you can truly, truly listen to people and develop the necessary skills to become a leader. And THAT is the skill that is so critical to your success in both business & personal relationships.

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Learn To Program Yourself.

What happens with your mind, subconsciously, when negative friends & family members are talking to you? You are being programmed.

For you to have the success you want and deserve in life, it’s critical that you learn to block out this garbage. It will totally change your life. 

Success Requires That You Get Rid of the Negativity Forever.

It’s critical that you be honest with yourself. Do you want MLM business success so much that you’re willing to pay the price of giving up TV, giving up radio, giving up negativity for 30 days?

If you participate in this process for just 30 days, it will change your life. You will learn to stop both the constant external chatter and the constant internal mental chatter – and to start reprogramming yourself with positive self-talk.

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Your mind is being programmed everyday. Either you’re doing it yourself, or somebody else is. If you’re not in charge, then you’ll really struggle for success in network marketing.

Are you letting the radio, the TV, the internet, the newspaper, or friends & family program you? If you are, then you are definitely being programmed for lack & limitation.

If you’re in your car with the radio on, that radio has a tuner. You can tune in hundreds of radio stations. Those radio waves bombard you with negativity all day long. You are being programmed.

Do you turn the TV on and just leave it on while you’re home? Again, you’re getting constant programming. This stuff, at best, is trivial. At the worst, it’s very, very negative.

And when you’re programmed with negative garbage by radio & TV several hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year, year after year after year – it takes a toll. You develop a negative outlook on life and your MLM business – often without even knowing it.

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Thoughts really are things. A board game I played as a kid called monopoly planted the entrepreneurial seed in my mind. From a very young age I knew that a job was not going to get me what I desired.

Immediately after graduating high school, I attended NY Institute of Technology in NYC. I didn’t last a semester. I was bored.

That same year I attended a computer programming school. That was the road to financial freedom. So I thought. I graduated and began working in a prestigious company on Wall Street. After 18 months I was bored. You guessed it … gone!

I knew that I needed some kind of income. But I never wanted to be confined by four walls or a boss breathing down my neck. I wanted some sort of freedom. I knew little by little, beginning with a burning desire, I would become the leader I was created to be. Hello public service.

By serving the public my burning desire was presented to me in the most unconventional way. I was working in the “slums” of one of the greatest cities on the planet. My ticket to financial freedom was all around me.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. According to Napoleon Hill, if you have a burning desire, coupled with a few principles, you will get it! My obsession to financial freedom drew the attention of a co-worker/friend. He understood my definite purpose, persistence and burning desire.

“Before success comes to any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to QUIT. That is what the majority of men do.” – Napoleon Hill

I share this story because in many ways I felt like Mr. Edward C. Barnes. He had a burning desire to become a business associate with Thomas Edison. Mr. Barnes had two obstacles. He did not know the great Edison and he did not have enough money to get to Orange, New Jersey. Edward C. Barnes burning desire resulted in becoming a business associate of Thomas Edison and he became a millionaire. The power of thought.

I had a burning desire to become a business partner with a great person doing what I wanted to do. I understood that the road to success would be filled with the mines of temporary defeat and some failures, but just like Mr. Barnes, I chose to learn from them.

My determination to be among the top in my profession led me right HERE.

I never invested nor did I lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in systems that promised to make me a millionaire. However, I felt something different, something good about this.

In my mind, I was not investing into a system. I was investing in myself.

Like that old commercial once said, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

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Economic insecurity traditionally spurs interest in network marketing opportunities.

The explosion of E-commerce will threaten many businesses. Network marketing will empower and be empowered by it.

The Internet, the explosion of E-commerce, and the rapid development of affordable information and communications technology are revolutionizing network marketing. It is making the execution of the business more efficient and user-friendly.

The marriage of network marketing and entrepreneurship and technology is creating a whole new marketplace outside the box of TV advertising, storefronts, inventory, and middlemen, and has the power to render the conventional retail world obsolete.

Technology has become a critical component in the industry’s ability to attract more upscale, better-educated, busy professionals. Associates will make money and grow their businesses while they sleep. Their business will be open in all time zones, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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“Don’t follow trends, start trends.” Frank Capra




The first thing a person is asked to do in our profession is to make a list of the people they know. It’s called your warm market. Most people don’t like going to their warm market.

The Internet changes everything because it gives you access to an unlimited number of people. The Internet can replace your warm market.

How many people you know use the instant messaging on the Internet to meet other people? I know many people that use the Internet to find dates. How about finding people online to talk about your business?

The Internet can save you a lot of time and aggravation. Imagine walking into a room full of strangers to network. Many who wouldn’t be interested in what you had to say. It’s the cliché of going through 100 “no’s” for every “yes”: Now imagine walking into a room that has millions of strangers in it and everyone has a profile telling you all about themselves.

It has been said that your success in business is going to be based on the number of people and the caliber of the people you talk to. Your best choices will be people who know a lot of other people.

Hundreds of millions of people are using the Internet. Facebook has over 1 billion users.

Didn’t we meet online?

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates

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