Master Key Week 1: Easily Turned Off

I am not a fan of loooooong drawn out videos/webinars or those professionally trained copy writers who write exhaustive “story telling” nonsense. I’ve wasted too many hours watching / reading many of them to only find myself disappointed. I truly value my time. I refuse to sit and watch a long drawn out sales pitch.

I’m a simple man.

I didn’t know what to expect from Sunday’s Week One webinar. I thought to myself, “two freakin hours?” I was ready to click on that little red X, the “close” button, on my computer.

As 4pm (eastern time) fast approached, I leaned toward my computer. I was about to click the “JOIN WEBINAR” tab. As Dirty Harry famously said, “Go ahead, make my day.” I was ready. I had my finger firmly on the trigger. I’m going to click you out.

Three plus hours later, I walked away with a different mindset. The Golden Buddha video, the cement and dragons and other points too many to list in this blog. It all made sense. This was different. I was engaged. Like a good movie, time just seemed to fly. I was actually “listening” and following along with the webinar handout. I stuck around during the Q & A like a bystander at a crime scene. I was curious. I am impressed.

The journey continues.

7 thoughts on “Master Key Week 1: Easily Turned Off

  1. OK, I love the name of your blog–what an appealing way to live! 🙂 Your first post made me smile–I too am not a fan of long-drawn-out anything (I listen to almost every video on 2x speed!), and so I could totally relate to your initial reactions to the thought of a 2-hour webinar! I’m so happy you found yourself engaged and are still here! I look forward to reading your next post! Welcome to MKE! 🙂

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